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Welcome!  We want to Thank You for encouraging your son to participate in the wonderful world of Scouting.   Boy Scouting has a long history and offers many advantages for our boys.  This web site contains some basic information such as uniform requirements and purchase checklist Scout shop address & directions. general Pack information, awards information for beltloops, pins and activity badges. 

If you have any questions -     JUST ASK! 

We operate as a family; if you do not ask then we will assume that you know. 

Now for a little reminder, the Den Leaders are not babysitters so we do encourage that an adult stay for the meeting if possible.

Besides in a family setting the boys will get more out of the meeting the more involved the parents and adults are. 

If you must leave during the meeting please make sure that the Leader knows how to reach you in case of an emergency and that someone arrives in a timely manner at the end of the meeting. 

Also be aware that all the parents present are expected to be role models and may need to step in to help calm down bursts of hyperactivity. 

You know boys will be boys!! 


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You will learn that Akela means good leader and the signal for this is commonly called the peace sign, it represents the points on the ears of Akela the wolf. 

When a leader or adult raises the signal this is the Scouting way to ask everyone to quiet down, and all scouts are expected to watch for this signal (as well as the adults). 

Meetings are noted on the Pack Calendar and usually begin at 6:00 pm in the Marteen room.  Remember that the more adults that volunteer the more rounded the experience is for the boys. 

If anyone is interested in being a Leader or an event Coordinator

PLEASE, PLEASE contact the Cub Master.


Thank You,


Cub Master and Pack 67  Leaders


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