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We are PACK 67 in the Shawnee District of the Lincoln Heritage Council of Boy Scouts of America.   

Our Pack is chartered by St. Stephen Martyr Roman Catholic Church with Fr. Harry as the Executive Officer.  Fr. Harry isn't involved with the operations of the Pack but does have final say of its leaders and committee members.  We have a Committee that oversees my actions as Cubmaster.  TBD is the Committee Chairman.  Our Chartered Organization Representative is TBD.   TBD and TBD are Committee members. 

    If you have any questions, problems, doubts or any other issue PLEASE ask to talk with me.  I am always willing to hear constructive criticism.  If you don't feel comfortable bringing an issue to me you can always talk with TBD as the Committee Chairman.  You could also take it to TBD but they would probably discuss any issue with TBD.  If you did not feel comfortable with the resolution of an issue at the second level (pack committee), then you could talk with Fr. Harry.  

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    On the Pack level we have many volunteers.  Each den has its leader (s).  We need a Tiger Den Leader and a Webelos Leader. Myself and TBD are the current leaders. 

    All you parents play a vital role in the success of the Pack.  I know many of you have always chipped in to help whenever asked and are always ready to do so again in the future.  

Thank you,

TBD, Cubmaster Pack 67


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Cub Scout Leaders   Name    Phone

Cubmaster: TBD

Tiger Den Leader:  TBD

Wolf Den Leader: TBD

Bear Den Leader:  TBD

Webelos I Den Leader:  TBD

Webelos II Den Leaders: TBD

Committee Chairperson:  TBD

Committee Member:  TBD

Committee Member: TBD

Asst. Chairperson:  TBD

Treasurer:  TBD

Popcorn Sales Chairperson:  TBD

Raingutter Regatta & Pinewood Derby Chairperson:  TBD

Religious Medals Coordinator:  TBD

Master Coordinator:  TBD


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