Important Pack Events:

You will get a Master Calendar with more info but here are a few highlights that are big events for the Pack:


1.   Raingutter Regatta - takes place in early fall.  The scouts will be given a boat to decorate for the race.  HINT: keep the bottom square!!  Dont sand the edges on the bottom or the boat will roll in the gutter and move very slowly.


2.  Fall Camping - usually in early to mid October, lots of fun.  An adult must accompany the scout.


3.  Halloween Costume Party - as close to Halloween as can be scheduled.  Lots of fun and prizes.  NOTE: this is a big party and the coordinators need lots of support & help - please volunteer!!


4.  Scouting for food - involves 2 weekends in fall, usually in November.  1st weekend = handing out fliers door to door.  2nd weekend = picking up the donated food items and taking to the center.


5.  Popcorn sales - a major fund raiser for Scouts, usually in October & November.


6.  Christmas Caroling - usually at a local retirement home.


7.  Christmas Party & awards.


8.  Blue & Gold Banquet - This is the birthday celebration of Boy Scouting, it is a dinner and awards ceremony where the boys will receive their ranks.  It takes place in February. 


9.  Pinewood Derby - Another big event for the Cub Scouts, each scout will be given a car kit to design their own creation, siblings and parents are welcome to purchase a kit and join the races.  This takes place shortly after the Blue & Gold Banquet either in late February or early March.  Winners from the Pack will go on to the District to compete against other winning Cub Scouts.  Winners will get trophies as well.


10.  Cake Bake - The fellas get together and make some deliciously stupendous bakery creations and then we share!! Yum, Yum!  Takes place not too far behind the Pinewood Derby.  Ribbons will be awarded just like at the Fair.


11.       Spring Campout As soon as the ground thaws, the boys will make camp.  Generally early March at Camp Crooked Creek or Tunnel Mill and sometimes in the Jefferson Memorial Forest .


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