Pack 67 Calendar Fall 2011




Wednesday, September 7         7 PM                Marteen Rm.                 Pack Orientation Night


Wednesday, September 14       6:15 PM          Marteen Rm.                 Den Meetings


WEEKEND September 16-18            Camp Crooked Creek             Fishing Derby


Wednesday, September 28       6:15 PM           Marteen Rm.                Den Meetings

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WEEKEND October 7-9            3 PM                Churchill Downs            JamboRama (Discount by Sept. 30)

                        JamboRama Info:

Thursday, October 13             6:15 PM            Marteen Rm.                    Den Meetings


Wednesday, October 26           6:15 PM            Marteen Rm.                    Pack Meeting


Sunday, October 30                          Halloween Party

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Wednesday, November 9         6:15 PM            Marteen Rm.                    Den Meetings


Saturday, November 12               TBD              St. Stephen Martyr            Scouting for Food flyers distribution


Saturday, November 19                TBD              St. Stephen Martyr           Scouting for Food Collection


Scouting for Food

Scouts throughout the Lincoln Heritage Council will be participating in the annual Scouting for Food project.  On November 12, 2011 you and your fellow Scouts will distribute the Scouting for Food flyers, letting your community know that you will be back on November 19, 2011 to collect bags of food that they are willing to donate. We traditionally have taken our donations to St. Ignatius's  St. Vincent de Paul food bank.


Tuesday, November 22                       6:15 PM            Marteen Rm.                             Pack Meeting


Wednesday, November 30                   6:15 PM            Marteen Rm.                             Den Meetings

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WEEKEND December 3                     TBD                 Tunnel Mill                               Engineering Day


Wednesday, December 14                   6:15 PM            Marteen Rm.                           Pack Christmas Party

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